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Concrete walkways are no doubt a top tier choice as a building material to enhance a landscape for home owners and commercial business owners as well. Commonly stamped concrete walkways are one of the most popular decorative landscaping projects property owners take on. The reason cement is a common choice for constructing pathways is the mainly the durability and cost, combined with other factors like the fast installation and the decorative options that can enhance the aesthetic appeal by a wide margin. Since cement is rather fast to install it makes it a convenient solution, and when properly installed it is durable and will last for several years to come with no problems. If you are interested in putting in a new concrete walkway call Eau Claire Concrete and Stern Landscaping. Our partners can accomplish the task with proficiency whether you are looking to put down a normal concrete sidewalk or a wood plank stamped and colored concrete path from the patio to the garage, we are ready to assist you, first by scheduling a free estimate and assessing the project and putting the ball in your court so you have the information you need when you are ready to move forward. There are a few professional residential concrete contractors, Eau Claire WI who are vying for your business, our goal is to offer value upfront on our initial free estimate by taking our time to look at the project and give our guidance on all your questions and concerns and of course always leaving the final decision up to you.


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When you choose to start a cement project, a good idea is to get a rough idea on the square footage of the area that you want to have as a surface so that you can pass that information forward to the concrete contractors that your deciding on. A concrete pathway’s main purpose is to be a durable walking surface that connects certain parts of your property together, for example the concrete driveway to the front door, the garage to the patio, you get the idea if you have made it this far. For property owners that are interested in a stamped concrete walkway in Eau Claire and the surrounding areas, start to envision the look you are going after but do not be afraid to contact us for a free estimate as well as consultation, we can show you pictures and help you form and cement your vision and then build it into reality when you are ready. When dealing with decorative concrete it is best not to go down the DIY route unless you have experience, if you do be careful as one mistake can mess the entire pour up, and it will not be fun having to tear all that up after its hardens or even worse cost extra money than anticipated. Walkways are useful surfaces that tons of Eau Claire homes benefit from having available, if you are ready we are waiting to hear from you. Fill out the form or give us a call and we can get you on the schedule and get ready build out any concrete surface. The lifespan of concrete walkways is several years to decades especially if properly built and maintained over all the years. In Wisconsin, the cold temperatures freeze the ground and then when Winter is over the ground warms back up. These intense freeze-thaw cycles wreak havoc on all surfaces, it is the reason we are always stuck in from road construction! So unfortunately, concrete cracks overtime and walkways still susceptible. There are things that can be done to mitigate some of the cracking such as cutting in control joints, in blocks and squares in hopes to control where the cracking happens and mitigate damage and structural failure. You can help maintain your walkway by sealing it or having it sealed by a company. When its sealed it is much more protected from the harsh outdoor weather and also grease stains or other chemical spills. If we are unavailable to answer the phone leave a voice mail about your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible, call (715)230-3461 and schedule the estimate or fill out the form.

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Decorative and stamped concrete is an option available that adds new dimensions to consider in the project, the aesthetic allure of decorative concrete has its pros and cons but overall is a widely used option for a reason, it is a durable surface and when correctly crafted it can turn out to be a beautiful landscape enhancement. There are many options to choose from in terms of concrete stamping patterns. Like wood, brick, cobblestone, flagstone, just to name a few. Colored concrete also goes hand in hand with stamped to form unique and appealing surfaces meant to endure the outdoors or handle the foot traffic indoors while simultaneously looking sleek. When thats what you are trying to accomplish only a handful of materials can compete, our expertise is in the craft of concrete and we can guide you to your vision of a decorative pathway that gets you around your property and looks fantastic complimenting your landscape.

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