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Finding a concrete contractor, Eau Claire WI is top of mind when starting a new cement project. Our partners understand that scouring the web for concrete pouring services isn't the most thrilling task, but we're here to simplify it for you. Whether you're dealing with a to-do list that includes a new concrete driveway, patio, stamped concrete, or you're diving into a new home improvement project, we know there are plenty of Eau Claire concrete companies that are looking for your business. Our goal is to provide upfront value through a complimentary free on site estimate by calling 715-230-3461 or filling out the Eau Claire Concrete free estimate form and we will reach out as soon as possible. On our estimate we aim to showcase why choosing us is the better option, while always leaving the final decision in your hands. No longer do you need to search the web for "concrete contractors near me Eau Claire WI" when you need new concrete installation. We're excited to showcase our expertise and give you guidance on our initial free estimate. Our range of concrete services is extensive, we handle both residential and commercial projects. Whether you're envisioning a luxurious stamped concrete driveway or a new backyard patio, we're prepared to collaborate with you. We are committed to building enduring relationships with our clients by being transparent and taking the time to fully comprehend the individual requirements and visions. For patios, pathways, and driveways concrete is the a top choice material due to its durability, performance, and its incredible versatility to be polished or decorated into stamped patterns or different colors. Cement paths and patios offer a low-risk, high-reward solution for the perfect living outdoor landscape and the look can be enhanced with stamped concrete. When you are looking to begin your project call Eau Claire Concrete and lets get you on our schedule before it is filled up!


Patio, Driveway, Walkway, etc...
stamped concrete patio, Eau Claire WI
Concrete driveway, Eau Claire WI
Concrete patio, Eau Claire Wisconsin

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When putting money back into in your home's exterior outdoor landscape, like a driveway and concrete patio in Eau Claire, it is important to maintain the property value and a good way to increase a homes value. Cement is a very common choice to use as a hardscaping building material due to the strong durability and ability to install simply, and quickly, and then harden for several years with no problems. Concrete patios are a fantastic addition to an Eau Claire home, providing a versatile outdoor space for social gatherings or relaxation. With a variety of colors and styles available, you can customize your patio to match your preferences and complement your home's architecture seamlessly. A patio is the home owners home base of their outdoor oasis, its where the grill goes, its where the swing chair goes and its apart of the back entrance to your home so the role these surfaces play has importance and every patio truly does change the look of the landscape for the better. We know that you want to keep the physical manifestation of your hard earned money into a hardened cement surface last for as long as possible while also keeping its look and appeal on your home. As concrete ages it is going to deal with the outdoor elements and in Eau Claire Wisconsin that is not a joke, our weather is extreme and we go through intense cycles of warm and cold temperatures. You may already be dealing with premature concrete cracks, the truth is that we deal with cracks on our concrete in Eau Claire more than other climates due to these cycles frequently freezing the ground and then thawing in back out which shifts the ground underneath and puts pressure on the concrete. We do our damndest to construct durable, solid surfaces that withstands the pressure and the wear and tear that our 4 seasons bring, now you may be wondering what time of year is the best time to pour cement? Spring, fall, and summer are the primary seasons that we service home oweners with new concrete driveways and concrete patios, it is much more difficult to pour during the winter so most concrete contractors Eau Claire WI hang up the cement pump for the winter. As for complimenting the weather when we come to the property to pour, our aim is to come on a sunny day with no rain in the forecast. Rainwater can dilute the cement mix, hurting its strength and causing uneven curing all the water accumulating. To mitigate this from happening we keep a close eye on the weather and reschedule if we see potential issues lining up. No matter the weather we have put together a team of partners & professionals that can handle any job within reason and we are ready to hear about your project!


Patio, Driveway, Walkway, etc...

Stamped Concrete Eau Claire WI

Homeowners frequently choose stamped concrete, Eau Claire for patios, walkways, and even driveways because of its affordability combined with the appealing look that mimics other expensive building materials but adds a dimension of ease of installation and a few other advantages, as well as its strength, ease of upkeep, quick construction, and its already aforementioned visual appeal. It's a great way to enhance the look further than a regular grey slab of cement, Stamped concrete adds charm that doesnt go unnoticed. There subtle aesthetic that isnt to bold but definitely sets you apart. The best part is that once its put down you are worry free and can enjoy your new surface for years to come. We hope that your not indecisive because with Eau Claire decorative concrete you have endless choices that can mix and match to give you the best look. Brick, Herringbone, Cobblestone, Wood Plank, Ashlar Slate—the not to mention the variety of colors to choose from and the design layout of the patio as well, the options are endless. Unfortunately we do not reseal old stamped concrete surfaces, our companies focus is on constructing quality cement flatwork and we are dedicated to our the ongoing clients that we work with. Although we do not perform the service, if you are looking to maintain the shine and the integrity in the most optimal manner its a great idea to call a concrete sealing company and have them help you or if your up to the task and feel you are capable, there are many DIY concrete sealing tutorials online that can guide you in the right direction. Hopefully we can make the process more simple by providing our guidance and expertise as a professional concrete contractor Eau Claire WI. When its time to start the project contact us for a free consultation on your project, lets get in touch!

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Do you provide concrete repair?

Concrete repair in Eau Claire WI is a service that usually entails filling in cracks or leveling off pads that have shifted and are un even otherwise known as concrete leveling, lifting, or mud jacking. We do not provide these services to new customers due to focusing on constructing flatwork projects, like concrete patios, driveways and more. Concrete lifting in short is a technique to raise sunken slabs of cement back to the original level to make the surface uniform. The process usually calls for drilling holes in the cement and injecting a foam material to raise the surface. This service is usually meant to extend the lifespan of the surface and be a cost effective solution rather than replacing the whole thing. Eventually though, you will need to replace your concrete driveway, patio, walkway or whatever hardscape surface lays cracked and chipped away on your property. When the time comes you will need a concrete contractor, Eau Claire to come to your home and leave you with the cement vision that you have in mind. Give us a call and we will schedule a free estimate for a replacement on your property.

Cost of concrete in Eau Claire?

The question that sits atop most property owners' minds when first installing new cement is, "How much does concrete cost." It's a tough question to answer because every project is slightly different than the next and the cost of materials, and labor are ever-changing. The biggest factor is the size of the project, with larger jobs more materials, will need to be used and more labor will be required to handle the demands of the project. The average cost of concrete nationally is $10-$20 a foot but this is always changing and is going to vary from contractor to contractor and from project to project based on how different concrete companies price their jobs. We understand that you are looking to get a more accurate price so that you can get an idea of what this will cost you specifically, and thats why we offer free on-site estimates so that we can display our value and offer our free guidance. The price of your jobs will be different for each concrete contractor Eau Claire WI that you decide from, we give accurate quotes that factor in premium labour and the right materials and equipment to get the job done reliably and in a quick manner so we can get out of your hair and leave you with a solid new surface. Give us a call or fill our the free quote form and we will reach out to you ASAP.

What is cheaper pavers or stamped concrete?

There are many pros and cons to both pavers and stamped or decorative concrete. The cost to haul and place a pavers hardscape brick by brick usually ends up costing more than stamped concrete. Decorative concrete can be cheaper due to differences in material and labor costs, it also is easier to install and faster. Cracks commonly form over time since it is one uniform surface, so eventually, the ground shifts, and the pressure is put on the concrete to the point where it cracks.

Commercial and residential concrete concrete contracting?

Yes, we do both commercial and residential concrete Eau Claire WI, and in the surrounding area. We have experience and a reputation for building residential patios, concrete driveways, walkways & more. Also, not only do we have great experience with residential clients we have experience pouring large slabs, foundations, and other cement surfaces for businesses. If you are looking for a commercial concrete contractor give us a call or fill out the free quote form, thank you!

What is the process of concrete installation?

When it's time to start your cement landscaping project a few questions are first to come to mind, questions like "How long will this take" and "How much is this going to cost" and questions on the design and layout of the project as well. The process starts when you get a rough idea of what you want to do in regards to a new concrete installation and the next step is to call a local Eau Claire Concrete contractor and gather a few quotes while hearing out their guidance and suggestions on your project. When choosing a local concrete company try to choose a reputable group of professionals or you can give Eau Claire Concrete a call as well and our partners will schedule a free on-site estimate. After you have decided which patio or driveway company you want to choose to begin your project they will give you a date where they are going to start the process of the cement installation. This process begins by replacing any leftover landscaping material if there is any and then the contractor will begin to grade and level the ground, layering the ground with a material like gravel so the cement can set evenly. Things like wire mesh and rebar are added to increase the integrity of the surface and especially aid with the freeze thaw cycles we experience in Wisconsin. After the ground has been prepared and forms have been put up to designate the layout of the surface the pouring can begin. If the project is too big preparing the site and pouring the concrete can take more than one day, but otherwise you will be able to have your project prepared and poured in the same day. When the surface has been poured its important to level it out to make it smoother, or if you choose to go with stamped concrete option, the stamps will be applied to the wet cement so that it mimics the look of the pattern. When this is all done, it will only take 24-48 hours before the surface is completely hardened and ready to be enjoyed for several years with no problem. If its time to start the process it begins by calling concrete contractors, Eau Claire WI and we would love to be your first choice.

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Concrete driveay Eau Claire
residential concrete driveway, Eau Claire WI

Concrete Driveway Eau Claire WI

Eau Claire concrete driveways are the meat and potatoes of the service that we offer, we have helped construct a large number of entryways for commercial businesses and of course our residential concrete clients. Your driveway is one of the most important outdoor hardscape surfaces because it handles a majority of the foot and vehicle traffic, so it needs to be built tough and durably. We do our best to build long lasting surfaces that avoid cracking and wear and tear for as long as possible but of course you can only delay the inevitable especially in our climate where cement surfaces don't last as long as warmer climates. Your concrete driveway, Eau Claire WI area can extend its lifespan if you keep up with maintenance on a normal basis, things such as sealing, repairing cracks, and also even cleaning the surface with a pressure washer can really help extend the life of an entryway by a lot, and it also saves you money so that you don't have to replace the concrete driveway so often.

Concrete Patio Eau Claire WI

Concrete Patios in the Eau Claire area is another service that we have great expertise in providing, we have built patios for homeowners and businesses and that is not limited to the plain regular, grey slabs of cement. We can build intricate stamped concrete patio designs that are sure to subtly allure your guests and yourself! A patio is the central hangout of the backyard, it's where the grill goes, it's where you enjoy your own backyard oasis, and also it is the back entry to your home. Cement is the most common material used to build back yard pads to enjoy, thats because the material is so durable and its fast and easy to install compared to other materials like pavers which needs to be built brick by brick. We can even add a concrete fire pit for you to enjoy if you'd like, your backyard oasis could be a stamped concrete patio, Eau Claire WI with a spot for the grill and a fire pit to enjoy the outdoors on the summer nights. When gearing up for new concrete installation you should choose a concrete contractor Eau Claire WI that is reputable and has experience doing the work that you are looking for. We can help you see your vision to life and we hope to offer our guidance upfront and display the value of working with us when its time to sign the contract and get your project started. A concrete patio is a worthy investment for property owners that are looking to enhance their landscape with a walkable surface that looks sleek and fulfills its purpose for many years to come. It should only take a couple days for your patio to be fully cured and ready for you to enjoy and walk on.

Best Concrete Contractors Eau Claire

We do not like to brag but we strive to be a top choice in the market for Eau Claire Concrete Contractors that serve the nearby area, we have assembled a team of laborers who have experience in the craftsmanship of masonry and partners that can help us achieve and get passed the nuances that every job offers and leave our clients satisfied with a new cement installation that will last for many years and will look appealing on the eyes. We offer free estimates so that we can come to access the job, do our calculations on the cost of materials and labor that we will need to complete the job, and then offer you our best price. We are not fly by night DIYers that are going to leave you with a huge mess to clean up, we are professionals in the field of masonry and client satisfaction is our goal. If you have made it this far you understand that we often construct concrete driveways, patios, walkways and more as well as stamped concrete. We are versed in the industry of concrete and stand ready to schedule you into our plans this year, just call or fill out the quote form and we will contact you and get you on the schedule.

Decorative Concrete

For clients interested in the design aspect of decorative concrete in Eau Claire WI we will go over some information and offer our free estimate. Decorative concrete refers to cement that has been altered to change the color, texture, or the pattern of the concrete to go after a specific aesthetic or give off the effect of a different building material. It is common to use on hardscape surfaces like walkways, patio's and even driveways. It is effectively a custom concrete solution that can take the shape and color of other materials and combine them to make the best of both worlds. There are examples on this site of stamped concrete patios with wood plank pattern and a sleek grey stain, combining the two to create an aesthetic allure. Custom cement is above the regular building option that looks fantastic and is durable but this also requires more attention to detail, materials and expertise so it is important when choosing concrete contractors, Eau Claire WI to look for companies that have experience. Fly by night DIY concrete installers can leave you with more damage to replace than just sticking with professionals. Coloring and concrete staining is another dimension added to the design of the surface, you can choose different colors that best match your property landscape. The cost of decorative and stamped concrete is more than if you go with a plain and regular option because of the extra resources that our needed to complete the job, there are a few extra expenses like certain stains or colored cement and the stamps that are pressed down to create all the different patterns.

Choosing a Concrete Contractor, Eau Claire WI

If you are thinking about putting in a new cement installation one of the first things that comes to mind is who are you going to have do the work. After all cement is a heavy-duty material that dry's rather quickly and when its set there's no going back so you want to ensure that you have someone who knows what they are doing pour the concrete. From grading the ground, setting the forms, and pouring and finishing the cement there are do's and don'ts that may go over your head if your'e not familiar with the rules of the road when it comes to concrete installation. Rather than trying DIY concrete, it is likely a more wise decision to seek out a few trusted concrete contractors, Eau Claire WI to come check out the scope of work that you have, access the project and offer you a price. The only scenario in which DIY concrete is a decent idea is if cement layer has experience in the industry and the project is small enough to only need one experienced set of hands. When its time to pick what concrete company you want to work with on your home improvement task a few key considerations are choosing experienced concrete contractors who have a solid reputation, ask the companies about references, pictures of previous jobs, and look for serious businesses, not fly by not cement guys who often leaving you with sub par quality work that will up costing you more money in the grand scheme of things. Check and see if the Eau Claire concrete contractors of your choosing have the proper licensing and registration to perform work in your area and whether or not they will pull any permits if needed.

A simple but also obvious factor that will sway the overall cost is whether or not the project is a concrete replacement or a new installation. When it comes to replacing concrete it will end up costing you a bit more than a new installation because of the extra labour and equipment needed. Replacing concrete starts with the careful demolition of the old surface and then after the rubble and debris has been cleared the process can proceed as usual. Depending on what kind of surface needs to be removed will depend on the different tools and machines needed as well as the labour, we understand that you may already have a wood deck, paver patio, asphalt, or even a concrete that will need to be removed. Doing a demolition project right next to one of your most precious investments, your home, is why its valuable to choose a quality concrete contractor in Eau Claire WI that will go above and beyond to protect and insure that you are not at risk of property damage. Its all to common for a less experienced handyman to mis-handle the tools and heavy equipment or the heavy chunks of debris that result in the demolition. After clearing out the old surface usually the first step is to grade and level the shape of the future concrete surface and layer some kind of gravel or sand. The next step is to set up the forms that hold the poured cement in place until it's dry. When it comes to re enforcing concrete with rebar or wire mesh it is always best to get more information from the contractor you choose but you can also add a layer to strengthen the integrity of the concrete installation, which can be very helpful for our Wisconsin weather patterns. Then it's time to pour the cement and begin forming the concrete driveway, patio, walkway or slab. This is where stamped concrete can be applied, while the cement is still not cured you have the option to apply different patterns that mimic the look of other building materials and also look very aesthetically pleasing. Stamped concrete in Eau Claire WI is a common choice for property owners in the market for a decorative look. After the wet cement is poured it needs to be properly finished so that it is uniform looks suitable for the property. While the concrete is curing joints are cut to control for the cracking and uneven surfaces that will eventually form from the ground shifting overtime.

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